Connecting through the Word

The mission of Freshman Connection is simple: to connect freshman to freshman under the banner of Christ. This is a fun, safe environment for any interested freshman to gather and meet other freshman.

We usually spend the first 30-45 minutes socializing—playing games, doing mixers, and eating. We finish the evening in discipleship small groups, studying what the Bible says about being a Christian.Many of the people involved with our ministry now got involved their freshman year with Freshman Connection.

WHEN: Every Tuesday of Fall Semester at 8 pm starting August 21st

WHERE: Union 237 a

BBQ: We will kick off the year with a bbq for all freshman on Tuesday, August 14th. Come to our house at 1030 Anderson St. Warrensburg MO 64093 from 6pm-8pm. See you there! Need a ride call 660 624-3405.

Bible Study: Bible study groups provide students with the opportunity to come together with others in a small, unintimidating setting and explore the Bible. Each group has between three and eight students working on the same Bible study. They work on the study in advance, and so are able to come with questions and observations to share and discuss with other group members. Each study has an older student or staff member to help facilitate the discussion and bring out key truths and points in the passage.

Bible study groups are an important part of our ministry for several reasons:

First: They expose students to the Bible and give them a guided example of how to study it. This is something that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.

Second: Bible study groups provide students with a caring group of people to share their lives with, and an older person to advise and mentor them. For many students, the people in their first study group become their lifelong friends.

Finally: Bible study groups explore the Bible deeply and challenge students to move beyond a surface understanding. Because we believe that the Bible is God’s word to us, we feel that it is important for students to make it their source of truth.

How do I get connected to a bible study?: First, if you are a freshman or transfer student come to Freshman connection every tuesday at 8pm in Union 237a to have some fun together then study the word. If you are an upperclassman and are looking for a bible study please email us at