Cully: (913) 957-1747
Carmen: (913) 269-3110

Cully and Carmen got married on August 30th, 2014. They are excited to serve as  Nav Staff at UCM. Both Cully and Carmen enjoy naps, tea, and petting cats. Here's a little more about them:

Cully's Story: Going into my freshman year at Kansas State University, I was a pretty committed atheist. I had made the decision a few years earlier that God could not possibly exist, and was determined to make sure everyone else knew that to be the case as well. After moving into Putnam Hall, I soon met my Resident Assistant, Kevin Awe, and his roommate Kyle Reighard. They quickly became two of my closest friends despite the fact that they were both Christians. They began investing in me, spending time with me, and just being my friend. After months and months of loving me despite the fact that I showed know interest in anything God related, something finally changed. I became captivated by the message they were preaching with both their words and their lives. On February 13, 2011 at about 4 a.m., I gave my life to Christ. Since then, the Lord has instilled in me a passion to follow the example that Kevin and Kyle set. I want to build deep, meaningful friendships and relationships that can carry the weight of the Gospel. As a staff member at UCM, I'm excited to learn and grow along with the students as I help equip them to accomplish that same vision of making disciples.

Carmen’s Story: I entered my freshman year at K-State in the fall of 2009 looking for ways to get connected in college. The Lord quickly provided opportunities for this, one of which was through my RA (Resident Assistant), who helped me get connected to campus ministry and Navs. My RA, Elizabeth, began to show me what it looked like to study the bible and what my identity in Christ looked like. This truth gave me new freedom and motivation for loving others and what it meant to meet people where they’re at, specifically in the college years. I began to have opportunities to meet with girls in my small group and have a leadership role in the dorms as an RA of my own floor. These experiences brought forth a desire to help college students transition well and thrive in college and beyond. I am excited to join Navs staff at UCM and meet students while learning and being challenged alongside them.