Brendan and Laura got married in July of 2012 and are excited to serve as campus directors at UCM. They also have a 3 year old son named Matthew and a 2 month old named Anna. 
Brendan’s Story: I grew up in a little town in north central Missouri called Marceline. My father was a pastor and my mom worked at my school. I learned a lot of Biblical knowledge and morals from my parents and my church, but I was unable to grasp that salvation came through Christ alone. I went to college at Northwest Missouri State University and majored in Elementary Education.  During the second semester of my freshman year I started attending a Navigator Bible study led by John Payton, who was the campus director at Northwest.  That year I came to understand what it meant for Jesus to be Lord of my life. God used John and those guys in that Bible study to help me learn how to live for the Lord and not for myself. Since then I have grown in the Lord and God has given me a passion for college students. I want God to use me to invest in others’ lives as John invested in mine. This passion brought me back to Northwest for two years as Navigator staff. In 2009 I was given the opportunity to move to Warrensburg, Mo. and pioneer a Navigator ministry at the University of Central Missouri.  That was almost 9 years ago now and God has greatly blessed the work here. This next year there will be over 20 student leaders and over 80 students in Bible study. I am excited to see our ministry and our family continue to grow!
Laura’s Story:  I grew up in a Christian family in Beatrice, Nebraska.  At an early age I came to the conclusion that there was no possible way that I could do enough good things to please God.  I realized that Jesus lived a perfect life and died on the cross so that I could have a relationship with God.  My parents and many people in the community invested in me growing up, and when I went to college at Northwest Missouri State University I was ready to grow even further in my faith.  Through my involvement with the Navigators for four years I developed a passion for helping other women grow in their relationship with God.  After college I moved to Independence, Missouri where I spent four years teaching high school math.  I thoroughly enjoyed this phase of my life and learned much about ministering to my students and developing relationships with my coworkers.  Though it was hard to leave a job I really enjoyed, I was excited about marrying Brendan and the opportunity to invest in the lives of college students at UCM. Now we have been ministering together here for almost 6 year.  The last 6 years were a great learning experience and I am excited to continue to learn how to be a mother and to invest in the women here at UCM!